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Solve Prolema Ambulado [ Latin ]

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 12:30 AM

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to a couple of questions about serpents - the ancients were initiates of the ancient serpent wisdom - before anyone begins to pour over the Egyptian source materials provided, I would suggest making sure that the psychological readings have been recently implanted in your mind.


In particular, I have added the book Man and His Symbols to the required reading, because there are several concepts relevant to our modern implementation of the ancient wisdom - especially, we are not to try to implement ancient methods literally - that would be to succumb to the error of concretism!


Nor, are we to strip away the mythical components of what we are reading to the point of not doing anything - that would be to commit the error of reductionism.


So, we stick to the iniatory practices outliined in the BOOKS on the actual reading list and read the pdf files to enhance our general frame of reference for things like dream interpretations, etc. By way of example, I had a series of snake dreams a couple of months ago, and the pdf files will enhance my ability to have a context for evaluating those dreams.


One oher point I'm adding to this as a edit - the snake symbolizm relates to the Kundalini energy, which, if not rising properly along the ida and pingala tracts, can cause psychological or even physical imbalances - in general make haste slowly - don't over-intellectualize - the mind sows the seed, and the heart reaps the bounty - everything we read and do is meant to be symbolic, between the tensions of opposites indicated above.


AGAIN -- read the books in order on the actual reading list!


As soon as the web site is again accessible, I will post this to the members only blog.


Warm Regards :)

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