Temple of Ra

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1.  Eligibility.  All sentient entities inhabiting humanoid physical bodies are eligible to join the priesthood.  Only adult individuals having a sincere desire for spiritual growth and personal development should consider joining.

2.  Cost.  There is no cost to join or maintain membership in the temple of Ra priesthood.  There may be links provided to things like books or audio/video products which would have a cost associated with their purchase.  Please note that the admin(s) of this web site will never have any affiliation or financial interest in the purchase of any commercially available products from any of our links  - furthermore, members are free to purchase the products wherever they wish to, and in the case of some products, such as books, those are very possibly available through local public libraries.

3.  Joining.  Joining and membership are and will always be free.  To join, simply sign up as a member on this web site.

4.   Curriculum Requirements (to be completed sequentially) 

    a.  Complete the Priesthood of Ra Self-initiation ritual.

    b.  Watch all videos on the Mythological section of this web site videos.

    c.  Watch the Spiritual Reality video in the Meditation section of the web site videos.

    d.  Read all required books on the Reading List perform exercises where appropriate - performing the various exercises, rituals and meditations are what produce results, not the reading.  

5.  Grade Structure [ from Crata Fepora in Files ]

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Note:  Since this site is intended to promote self-initiatin and self-development, without overdue influence of a group egregore, we will not be placing emphasis on group oriented group rituals or group structure.  Please refer to the Crata Rpoa file to acquire a personal framework of where you are in your studies.  


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